Ischia food & wine tours

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Did you know that wine has been produced in Ischia for almost 3000 years? It was introduced by the ancient Greeks, probably in the 8th century BC, and Ischia is still famous all over the world for its wines (especially white wine). And did you also know that in Ischia there is a beach called “Fumarole” where the sand is so hot that people cook food underneath it? Ischia is an island with an ancient history of fishing and, of course, fresh sea food is a “must try” in Ischia, but not many people know that the typical Ischian dish is the rabbit casserole! And pizza lovers will not be disappointed as in Ischia we have hundreds of “Pizzeria” with traditional wood fired ovens. For a unique and authentic Ischian food or wine experience, take one of the following tours!

Tour 9 – Full day tour with lunch in a restaurant at Fumarole Beach where food is cooked under the sand

The tour starts from Ischia Port or from any hotel of the island. We pick you up in the morning with private taxi or micro taxi and take you around the island, stopping several times for photographs at the most iconic sights such as the “Mushroom Rock” in Lacco Ameno, Mortella Garden (outside) and Belvedere di Zaro in Forio, Poseidon Thermal Park, etc. We reach the pedestrianized village of Sant’Angelo and explore on foot this quaint fishing village with its relaxed atmosphere and colorfoul houses. From the center of Sant’Angelo, we take a path on foot to reach the beach of Fumarole (about 20 minutes walk) where we are shown the traditional way of cooking food in the sand by a local restaurant owner. The restaurant can prepare several different dishes such as chicken, fish, octopus, prawns, rabbit spiced with local herbs and spices and with a side dish of vegetables, all cooked under the sand using a special wrapping system that gives the food a very delicate and light taste. After having enjoyed lunch in this incredible setting, we take a water-taxi to return to Sant’Angelo and continue our tour by taxi towards Serrara Fontana, Barano and Ischia Ponte and arrive back in Ischia Porto or at your hotel.

Duration: approx 7 hours

Tour 10 – Tour of Ischia with a stop at a vineyard in Forio

The tour starts from your hotel or from any port of the island if you are visiting Ischia from the mainland. We drive through the 6 different towns of the island, stopping several times for photographs and to enjoy beautiful scenery and famous landmarks such as the Castle Aragonese (from the outside) in Ischia Ponte village, “the Mushroom Rock” in Lacco Ameno, Santa Maria del Soccorso’s Church in Forio and Sant’Angelo village. At around 12:30 we stop at a vineyard in Forio countryside. After a visit to the cellars and a tour around the vineyard, you will be served 3 different types of local wine and home made appetizers. The stop at the vineyard lasts around 1 hour, after which we continue our tour, driving to Serrara Fontana, Barano and arrive back in Ischia Porto at the end of the tour.

Duration: approx. 5 and a half hours

Tour 11 – Full day tour of the island with a stop at a vineyard on the hills of Mount Epomeo (Serrara Fontana)

We start the tour from your hotel on the island or Ischia Porto, if you are visiting Ischia from Naples or Sorrento.

We stop first at Ischia Ponte for photographs at the iconic Castello Aragonese (from the outisde) and continue our tour towards Barano and Maronti Beach, Serrara Fontana, Ciglio and Sant’Angelo village where we take a walk around the historical centre.  At around 12:30 we reach a vineyard  in the countryside, on the hills of Mount Epomeo. Your host will take you around the vineyard, providing information about wine culture in general and their own wine production. You will be served 3 different types of wine and home made snacks in a beautiful and peaceful setting. The stop at the vineyard lasts around 2 hours after which we continue our tour, driving to Sant’Angelo, Forio, Lacco Ameno and Casamicciola, finishing back in Ischia Porto

Duration: approx. 6 hours

Tour 12 – Full day tour of the island with a stop in a local restaurant for a traditional Ischian lunch

The tour starts from your hotel in Ischia or from the port if you are visiting Ischia for the day from the mainland.

We take a tour of Ischia in a private taxi or micro taxi, driving through the different towns and stopping several times for photographs in Lacco Ameno, Forio and Sant’Angelo. At around 13:00 we stop for lunch in a typical Ischian restaurant. In Ischia, the traditional dishes are stewed rabbit casserole “all’Ischitana” (Ischian style rabbit), fresh sea food and, of course, pizza in all its different variations: Margherita, Napoletana, Capricciosa and more! We can recommend a good quality restaurant to suit all tastes!

After lunch we continue our tour visiting the inland towns of the island such as Serrara Fontana and Barano, with more stops for photographs, before ending back at your hotel or the port of departure.

Duration: approx 6 hours

Tour 13 – Full day tour of the island with a stop for a cooking class and lunch at a local restaurant

We start the tour from Ischia Port or from your hotel and we drive by taxi around the island, stopping several times at the most iconic sights for pictures. At lunch time, we stop at a local restaurant where you can learn how to cook a traditional Ischian meal and help in the preparation of the food. After the lesson you can enjoy lunch before we collect you by taxi and complete the tour of the island, ending back at your hotel or the port of departure.

Duration: approx 6 and a half hours


 Minimum number of 2 participants required. All tours include micro taxi, driver and English speaking licensed guide on board. The itinerary of the tours may change due to unpredictable factors such as weather or traffic. The price of the tours doesn’t include lunch, drinks or entrance fees where applicable. Official tour guides are the only people authorized by the Italian government who are allowed to run tours legally after passing the regional exam and are then licensed as professional tour guides.


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