Ischia archaeological and historical tours

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Ischia is an incredible treasure chest of art and rare archaeological artefacts. In the VIII century B.C., Ischia was colonized by the ancient Greeks who left an important mark, establishing several workshops and furnaces for the production of pottery and iron tools. Archaeological excavations have brought to light amazing items such as amphoras, jewels, vases, and tomb decorations dating back to Greek and Roman times. The archaeological museum of Pithecusae in Lacco Ameno, displays a great collection of the objects found in the excavations, like the famous “Nestor’s cup”, a vase engraved with the oldest example of greek writing ever found.

The Aragonese castle in Ischia Ponte is the symbol of Ischia and the most visited site on the island. It was the residence of important royal families in ancient times and a circle for the artists and literates during the Renaissence period.

These tours focus on the historical and archaeological side of the island, including of course, sightseeing and beautiful scenery.


Tour 19 – Full day tour of the island with a stop for a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae

We start the tour in the morning, collecting you by taxi or micro taxi from your hotel or from Ischia port, if you are visiting the island from the mainland. We pass through the town of Casamicciola and stop in Lacco Ameno to visit the centre of the town and reach the Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae for a guided visit of about an hour. After the visit at the museum, we continue the tour towards Forio and stop in Sant’Angelo for shopping and lunch (lunch not included in the price of the tour). After the stop in Sant’Angelo we continue the tour driving inland to reach Serrara Fontana, Barano, Maronti beach and the village of Ischia Ponte with a stop for photographs at the Castle Aragonese. The tour ends back to Ischia port or at your hotel.


Duration: approx 5 hours

The Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae is closed on Mondays. Entrance fee to the museum is € 5 per person (not included in the rate of the tour


Tour 20 – Full day tour with a stop to visit the Aragonese Castle

The tour starts from your hotel of any port of the island if you are visiting Ischia for the day. We collect you by taxi or micro taxi and stop first in Ischia Ponte, the lovely fishing village that hosts the castle Aragonese. You can spend around one and a half hours visiting the different areas of the castle and enjoying the beautiful scenery from the top. There is a bar onsite where you can stop for coffee, ice creams  and snacks. After the visit to the castle, we continue our guided tour, passing through the different towns of the island and stopping along the way for photographs in Lacco Ameno and Forio. We reach Sant’Angelo to visit the village on foot before continuing our tour towards the hilly towns of Serrara Fontana and Barano and end back to Ischia port or to your hotel.

Duration: approx 5 and a half hours

Entrance fee to visit the castle € 10 per person (not included in the rate of the tour. The visit to the castle doesn’t include the guide)


All tours include micro taxi/regular taxi, driver and English speaking licensed guide on board. The itinerary of the tours may change due to unforseen factors such as weather or traffic. The price of the tours doesn’t include lunch, drinks or entrance fees where applicable. Official tour guides are the only people authorized by the Italian government who are allowed to run tours legally after passing the regional exam and are then licensed as professional tour guides.

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